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Discover how to write copy so potent, powerful, and awe-inspiring, it starts to make money for your clients before they mail it - as incredible as that sounds!

Dear Copywriter-in-Training:

Would you like to make $100,000 a year as a freelance copywriter?

Well, I earned that much money from my copywriting before I ate breakfast this morning!

An outrageous claim, you say?

You ain't heard nothing' yet, pardner.

But as they say, it ain't braggin' if you've done it - and in copywriting and marketing, I've done it all!

My name is Ross Manly, and as you can see from the photo at top right showing me on the beach, it fits me to a tee.

I can afford to spend most of the day - just about every day - surfing at my beach home in Malibu ... because freelance copywriting made me so damn much money I "retired" before I even graduated from junior high school.

My neighbors are rock stars and movie stars. Some of the most famous and successful people in the world. And they're all jealous of me!

When I'm not catching waves, I'm tooling down the oceanfront roads in my new Dodge Viper - one of 417 cars I own - or "chilling" at my 99,000 square foot mansion on 87 pristine acres on the beach.

At this point you may be thinking, "Hey Ross, if you're such a hotshot copywriter, how come I've never heard of you?"

The reason is simple....

Years ago, my clients got together and collectively paid me a fortune never to reveal my identity.

So unlike so many "famous" copywriters who aren't 1/100th as good as I am, I stayed under the radar - quietly making gobs of cash for me and my clients:

  • One of my promotions, for a nutritional supplement, was so convincing that 100% of the people who read my copy were cured of their illness - before they took the pills!
  • Another promotion, for a stock market newsletter, caused the Dow to have its biggest one-day gain of the last decade; the copy was so persuasive and irresistible, it turned the entire market bullish!
  • Then there was my mailing for XYZ Collectibles, which made consumers so eager to own the product, orders started coming in before the piece was even printed and mailed!

With the fees and royalties my small group of exclusive clients pay me in any given year, you could buy a small private island.

In fact, I did – and own several. (My newest island retreat makes Maui look like landfill.)

And that doesn't include the additional millions I make every week selling my own info products on the Internet.

So why am I writing to you today?

It's simple....

By applying my 240 I.Q. (compared to me, Marilyn vos Santos is a moron!) to the problem of what makes for great copy, I've figured a way to "program" you - so you become a great copywriter - with no formal training, no home study courses, and even no practice.

You don't have to pay me anything now. The "programming" is carefully hidden within the code on this web site.

In fact, you are absorbing it into brain right now, just by reading this web page!

All you have to do is read this page a few more times - and then start writing copy.

For who?

It doesn't matter. Just write copy for any product you can think of.

With my "Automatic Copy Genius" System, you won't have to worry about marketing yourself or getting clients.

Reason: the copy you write will be so powerful, clients will call you out of the blue, begging to buy it from you - even if what you wrote has absolutely nothing to do with their product!!!

You know the above statement is 100% true, because I put three exclamation points after it!!!

How do you pay me for my Automatic Copy Genius System, which I am giving you right now through the photons being emitted through your monitor as you read this sentence.

(More proof that it works is the fact that I put the last part of the above sentence in italics.)

Send no money now. There is no flat fee you could pay to even begin to compensate me for the copywriting genius I am implanting within you.

Instead, just give me, say, 10% of your earnings - from copywriting fees and product sales. (Mowing lawns or cleaning gutters, if you do that too; I'm not too proud to collect as much of your money as I can get.)

That offer, by the way, is not negotiable.

Just the very fact that you are reading this page legally OBLIGATES you to pay me a percentage of you future earnings for life.

(Whose life? Whichever one of us lives longest. And considering the phenomenal physical shape I'm in, who do you think that will be, cupcake?)

WARNING: don't even think about cheating me by not paying the money you now owe me.

I've inserted a "cookie" on this page (it's oatmeal raisin). So if you ever make money from copywriting in any way, I'll know it instantly.

But hey ... if I make you $10 million, why would you have a problem writing me a check for a million, right?

And I just KNOW you're going to make a lot more than that - thanks to your new copywriting powers.

So don't delay. Read this web page ... including my P.S. below for a FREE GIFT offer ... and get started on the road to becoming a millionaire - or even billionaire - copywriter today.

Remember, you can never be too thin - or too rich (unless it's thinner or richer than me!).


Ross Manly, aka

"The Copy God"

P.S. OK, if you read this far, you've probably realized that "Ross Manly" is full of beans.

But that doesn't mean you can't make $100,000 a year or more as a freelance copywriter - without all the B.S. the "get rich quick in copywriting" promoters shovel at you.

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